Clover Chemical Hand Hygiene Stations are robust, lightweight boards that are ready assembled with appropriate Clover bulk fill dispensers and labelled to your specification.

For use with Clover products to create a tailored skin care system, Clover Hand Hygiene Stations are available for use in heavy duty and general industrial areas to provide skin protection and in food and catering areas to provide hand hygiene.

Convenient - everything needed for clean healthy skin in one location.

Instructional - encourages compliance with a full skin saftey regime.

Easy maintenance - durable, lightweight material; ideal for busy wash area environments. 

Build your own system

The Clover Hand Hygiene Station will come ready built to your sepcification, following these 2 simple steps:

1) Select number of dispensers. Available as a 2 bulk fill dispenser system or a 3 bulk fill dispenser system.

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