ULTRA MARSAN Laundry Cleaning & Disinfecting System

Clover Chemical's Ultra Marsan laundry system has been designed to meet the laundry needs of establishments in the care sector where infection control is a priority.

The Ultra Marsan system comprises a four pump dispensing unit that doses Laundry Detergent, Laundry Destainer, Fabric Conditioner and a specialist Laundry Sanitiser. Controlled by security 'key pad,' the dispenser offers up to eight wash menus to cope with different fabrics, soilage levels and disinfection requirements.

The system also features a wash count facility to offer total accountability on machine usage and cost.

The clover Chemicals laundry care products dispensed through the Ultra Marsan system are mild in use and offer outstanding wash performance, even at 40 degrees.

An innovative four pump laundry cleaning and disinfection system, developed to ensure effective disinfection in care home and hospital laundries.

- Kills MRSA, C-Difficile and all other bacteria when used correctly.

- Effective even at reduced temperatures - allows time and energy savings to be made by washing at 40 degrees.

- Based on Department of Health recommendations for effective disinfection of fabrics - sanitiser solution dosed into the final rinse at 150ppm available hclorine. 

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