ULTRA CARE 3 Pump Laundry System

The modern laundry is a difficult area for any establishment to control. Laundries are high volume users and a controlled balance of product and dispensing system is required to offer consistent and effective results.

Wash resulst are visible, therfore cleaning performance is absolutley essential. The quest for quality results creates a possibility of over consumption, so control over product usage is also essential.

Clover Chemicals have combined state of the art technology with years of experience in the laundry industry to create two high-performance laundry management systems.

A simple to use three chemical system to cope with all types and levels of soilage in all types and conditions of water.

Versatility - Each individual pump can be locked out automatically to prevent chemical injection on any wash and eliminate damage.

- Wash count facility - Formula wash count offers accountability and information of chemical usage.

- 8 wash menus - To cater for all fabric types and soilage levels.

- Security keypad - Security access code gives protection of data and prevents tampering. 

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