Drain dosing with UltraFLOW & Zi-GEST Enzyme Drain Maintainer is an efficient method of grease management and will also break down other organic food matter such as proteins and starches.

Clover UltraFLOW is a robust, battery powered, automatic biological-dosing systemn that continuously protects kitchen drain lines from the build up of fats, oils and grease.

A measured and timed dose of Zi-GEST biological fluid is automatically introduced directly into grease traps, drains, gullies and other problem areas.

UltraFLOW consists of a simple peristaltic dosing pump and is used in conjunction with Zi-GEST enzyme digestion fluid. The UltraFLOW dispenser is normally wall mounted close to the source of wastewater discharge.

Regular dosing of Zi-GEST creates an active grease digestion system within your drain lines, continuously providing protection from the build up of the fats, oils, grease and proteins associated with industrial kitchen drainage.

- Fully automated.

- Battery powered.

- Maintains drains.

- Avoid blockages.

- Decrease odours.

- Easy to install.

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